Open-Source PHP Framework - Designed for rapid development of performance-oriented scalable applications

About Vork

Why the name Vork?

Vork is intuitive & easy to use and does not have the overhead or performance-penalty that is typical of PHP frameworks.

Since Vork removes the undesirable qualities that accompany average frameworks, we felt that it is a framework that cuts away all the negative framework qualities leaving only the benefits and so we split the word "framework" straight through the letter "W" leaving just "Vork".


Founded in 2010, Vork is the managing organization of the Vork Enterprise Framework for PHP; headquartered in New York, NY with worldwide distribution. Vork distributes its software and services directly and through a network of certified value-added-resellers (VAR's) throughout the world. Vork provides high-quality, affordable services to its customers including maintenance, support, training, consulting and project delivery. Vork customers include financial service organizations, universities, media, healthcare, telecommunication and advanced technology companies throughout the world.

What is the Vork Enterprise Framework?

To state it simply, Vork is the PHP framework that delivers the greatest IT ROI. Vork provides a maximum-performance platform that is optimized for scaling to serve enormous traffic with minimal server resources. Vork is the easiest to learn and most-intuitive to use and develop on of any PHP framework available today, thus maximizing development pace and ROI from your human-resources.

Contact Vork

We greatly appreciate Vork feedback; please let use know your opinion!

(443) 300-VORK
Ron Guida
Chief Executive Officer
Eric David Benari
Chairman & Chief Technology Officer

Why do developers choose Vork?

Vork provides the platform along with all of the tools and architecture needed to build feature-rich high-performance scalable apps and is exceptionally-easy to learn and use, and thus will substantially accelerate your pace of development.

Why do IT decision makers choose Vork?

Vork will maximize your IT ROI, is fully-compliant with every applicable web standard, universally-compatible (can even run components from other frameworks) and greatly simplifies maintenance by using an intuitive standardized project layout.

The IT-industry is infamous for projects running beyond deadlines; Vork saves enormous amounts of time and resources and thus enables your team to complete projects in record-time and usually ahead of schedule!

The Vork Enterprise Framework is free (open-source GPLv3 license), so try it now! You have only to gain!

Who is backing us? What are your operational logistics?

We were originally funded by a "friends & family" round and are now profitable and self-sustaining with several key folks here in New York City plus many consultants and Vork community members distributed worldwide.

Who are our people?

We have assembled a senior team around the leadership of master-technologist Eric David Benari and serial entrepreneur Ron Guida.

Executive Management

Ron Guida, CEO of VorkRon Guida, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur who has helped launch and grow many software and services companies such as Covalent, Bluestone,, Optaros, ETSec, Artezio and Zircon.

Eric David Benari, Chairman and CTO of VorkEric David Benari, Chairman & CTO, is a master-technologist and IT business expert who has founded and/or built the infrastructure for a large portfolio of ventures spanning sectors of social networks, e-commerce, ad networks, B2B, e-learning, mobile and many others.

Board of Advisors

Mike Dunn, Chief Technical Officer of Hearst Interactive Media, Founding-CTO of Dell Online, former CTO of Time WarnerMichael Dunn, CTO of Hearst Interactive Media, Founding-CTO of Dell Online, former CTO of Time Warner He is responsible for enterprise technology leadership, technical due diligence of strategic investments and providing technical insight on emerging technologies to Hearst businesses and portfolio companies. He was previously CTO of Encoda Systems, Time Warner, Dell Online and held technology leadership roles at True North Communications, Turner Broadcasting, Hanna-Barbera Studios and Americast. He is on the advisory boards of Brightcove, Gomez, Mochila & EMC.

Mitch Pirtle, Chief Technical Officer of Sounday, Co-Founder of Joomla!, former CTO & Co-Founder of Gilt TravelMitch Pirtle, CTO of Sounday, Co-Founder of Joomla!, former CTO & Co-Founder of Gilt Groupe Jetsetter Mitch has an expertise in starting technology companies, building things, learning and teaching. Scale, simplicity and speed are his game. Mitch is CTO at Sounday Music, founder of Joomla! & Spacemonkey Labs, Contributor to MongoDB as well as a web developer, author, speaker and a technology "enabler". Mitch has held roles at Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, MTV, Totsy, 10gen (MongoDB), KickApps and other exceptional organizations.

Cal Evans, Chief Marketing Officer of Blue Parabola, former Editor-in-Chief / Community Manager at ZendCal Evans, CMO of Blue Parabola, former Editor-in-Chief & Community Manager at Zend, former Director of iBuildings PHP Centre of Expertise Cal has spent the last half of his multi-decade career focused on helping make the lives of developers better. Whether that is building great teams, preaching about telecommuting, how to improve developer productivity or just helping connect developers with great companies, Cal loves helping developers. Having been a developer, and more importantly having worked under bad bosses and great bosses, he knows what it takes to make developers happy. Happy developers are productive developers; productive developers work at successful companies.


Vork is awesome. I believe it is better than CakePHP.
-Aaron Henshaw

After one learns the syntax and terminology of a framework, one spends most of one's time hooking up the web site to other services. Not only does Vork have a really intuitive naming convention and native PHP implementation, but its tools for credit card processing, PayPal, Amazon, UPS, YouTube, etc., make it an invaluable for web site development!
-Dina Goldin

Vork is much easier and lightweight than anything else! I love the raw-access to Mongo, and mvc's static properties!
-Cesar Rodas

It is exciting to see such a highly usable and extendable MVC framework in action!
-Samuel Sandberg

Scalable Open source framework with good amount of documentation/help guides available for creating ground up applications from scratch in no time is the biggest PLUS - Thanks!
-Mayank Dwivedi

Vork has helped me get a site up and running within days as opposed to weeks. I'm new to developing and vork has made it simple and easier than most other frameworks I've seen and used.
-Steve Cordova

I like the fact that Vork allows me to do most of what I need to build e-commerce websites for my clients. The clean URLs and MVC style are all great and common to all the other frameworks but Vork stands out by providing support for popular services like Google's and Amazon's. Keep up the good work! Ola!
-Olalekan Abou Bakar

My front-end developer (with only a few months PHP experience) needed no instructions modifying our Vork-based app; on our past project based on CakePHP I had spent a significant amount of time coaching him on tech issues. Vork saves me hours of my business day that were formerly spent assisting my team trying to figure out proprietary conventions and quirks; the value of Vork's ease-of-use and straightforward naming convention cannot be beat!
-Sam Bernstein

I greatly appriciate all the efforts and opportunities that Vork is giving to developers. They are pushing the boundaries of technologies by making this available.
-Roxanne Gaudiel

Vork is very easy to learn, fast to build websites, extendable and works fast.
-Tahir Mehmood

The code is clean and logical. I like that there are not 30 layers of abstraction between the page and the code.
-John Campbell

Vork makes life easier.
-Filippo Vanucci

Holy smokes Vork performance is just blazing and I was able to start building a site within minutes of installation - other PHP frameworks took me weeks to learn.
-Daryl Hernandez

Vork is amazing, it gives me the tools I need to develop all types of web applications. Regardless of how complicated or simple the task may be, Vork is the tool of choice for me!
-Ernesto Cruz