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Vork PHP Framework Apps

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How to install a Vork App

All Vork-powered web sites have an automatic application-installer that is accessible from within a browser by navigating to the /vork page on your own web site.

In order to see the installer you must be accesing your site as a "superuser"; what constitutes a superuser is, by default, anyone accessing your web site directly on the server (not over the Internet.) This usually means that you are connecting to your web site with the URL or http://localhost and not remotely via your domain name You can modify the criteria that determines a superuser from within the isSuperuser() method in your .config file.

If you go to the /vork page while accessing your site as a superuser you will see the installer, otherwise you will see the normal front page of your web site. From the installer, simply upload the app through the 1-step installer and it will be ready to use immediately.

How to create a Vork App

Build anything that runs in Vork and would be useful to others

Extract all the files required for your app into a new folder

Do NOT include all the Vork files too - this should just be the files required for your app that are NOT already in Vork. Be sure to keep the exact same folder-structure, so if you are adding a new MVC "helper" called "widget" then your file/folder-structure should contain exactly as follows and nothing else:


Add a vork.ini file

Add to the root of your folder a new file called "vork.ini" - this will contain the directives for your app and should use the standard INI-file format. The "package" and "version" keys are required; you may add more key-value pairs here and they will appear on your app-page. Sample format:

package = "inflector"
version = "1.0.0"

Zip up your app

Compress your app using the "zip" format and be sure that the root of your app is the root of your zip file (some zip programs nest the contents into a sub-folder, if this happens then it will not be identified as a valid app.)

Upload to the Vork App Repository so others can utilize it

Upload your app in the form at the top of this page (if you do not see a form then you need to login first) - if your app is not formatted or zipped correctly then the form above will show an error saying "not a valid app file". If it uploads and then takes you to another page where you can add optional-information then you have successfully added your Vork App!

Follow coding-standards

Vork apps are expected to follow the same best-practice coding-standards as the Vork Framework itself. Please continue to maintain this high-standard by: