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Account component

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Handles account related activities like logging in/out and recovering a lost password.

$_sessionKeys property

This contains an array of keys that should be set upon login and unset upon logout. Default is a single key of userid.

login($email, $pass)

Will attempt to log a user in using the logic in the validateLogin() method of the account model. Email and password are trimmed automatically.


Logs a user out.

checkLogin($location = null)

Listens for login submission and handles it if found. This is meant to be used in the controller for the page receiving the login form action. $location is optional, if omitted the user will return to the same page upon successful login.


Emails the user their password if it is found, if not the script returns silently. forgotPassword() expects $_POST['login_email'] to be present.


A convenience function to validate the typical form fields required for new-user sign up. It is likely that you will need to modify this method to fit for your application or join this method with your own additional validation rules.