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Amazon component

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Interface to Amazon Web Services commonly used functions. Includes an automated caching mechanism to avoid make web service connections for a particular Amazon item more than once a week.

getTitlesByAsin($asin, $isbn13 = false, $getErrors = false)

Pass into $asin a string or an array of ASIN or ISBN numbers and get the items returned back as an array.
If you will be using ISBN13 numbers than you need to set the $isbn13 argument to true. You cannot mix ISBN10/ASIN and ISBN13 items in the same request.
If $getErrors is set to true then upon any errors there will be an array entry keyed to the ASIN/ISBN number with a subarray key of "error" and value of the error message.
The return array for each product includes a subarray of "thumbnail" which can be passed directly as the argument to the img() HTML helper:
echo $html->img($titles[$thisAsin]['thumbnail']);

getProductByAsin($asin, $isbn13 = false)

Returns a SimpleXML object with the data returned by Amazon.