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File component

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Get the dimensions of an image file, results are cached in the $this->files array and are indexed by $src. You can retrieve the values of an image from this array at any future time within the instance. Return is an array on success, Boolean false on failure.


Get the format (gif, jpeg, etc.) of an image file. Return is a string for standard image types, int for non-standard, boolean false on failure.

isInvalidUpload($id, $imagesOnly = false)

Checks if an uploaded file has or has not been successfully uploaded and is in the expected format. Returns Boolean false if valid, error message string if invalid.

uploadFile($id, $destination, $imagesOnly = false)

Validates and then moves a file that was uploaded from a form. Returns Boolean false on success, an error message string on failure.

resizeImage(array $specs, $src = null)

Resizes an image or generates a set of resized images, optionally adding a watermark to any of them.
Requires the PHP GD extension to be enabled.
$specs array keys:

  • width - required, if constrain is true then this becomes the maximum width
  • height - required, if constrain is true then this becomes the maximum height
  • constrain - (boolean) default is true - resize the image proportionally, if false the end image may be stretched
  • onlyReduce - (boolean) default is true - if true the end image can only be reduced, never be enlarged (which usually degrades quality)
  • outputFolder - folder where to output the file, if omitted the system default will be used
  • outputFile - filename, if omitted the source filename will be used
  • watermark - array with keys:
  • src - required, the path to the watermark image file
  • opacity - Optional, default if omitted is 14

You can also specify generation of multiple output files by setting specs to an array of $specs, eg.:
$specs[] = array('width' => 200'height' => 100'outputFile' => 'thumbnail.jpg'); $specs[] = array('width' => 500'height' => 300'outputFile' => 'bigfile.jpg');
if the $src argument is omitted then the last file added to $this->files will be used, if none exists then this method will exit and return false