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iPad Contest - Enter to Win a 32gb Apple iPad (the $600 model!)

iPad has been generously donated by:

Schooner Information Technology

Schooner provides turnkey data-access appliances for data centers that need MySQL, Memcached or NoSQL with superb performance and extreme availability.

One appliance delivers certified MySQL Enterprise with InnoDB for a full ACID-compliant database. The other delivers a high-performance cache and a NoSQL persistent key/value store, both based on Memcached. Each Schooner appliance optimizes the software and its use of flash memory, multi-core processors, and DRAM.

Customers see dramatic server consolidation, cut their cost of ownership by 50%, reduce their downtime by 90%, and exploit new opportunities based on fast access to terabyte-scale data. Schooner is privately held and based in Sunnyvale, California.

Learn more at

The contest is now over, feel free to post your feedback into the form below.
Congratulations to Damion Hankejh, winner of the 32gb iPad contest!

Apple iPad
Which standards does Vork, the high-performance PHP framework, comply with?

What is the code required to turn a page or section of your Vork site into a wiki?

Which of these JavaScript toolkits can be utilized in Vork by simply calling the $html->jsLoad() function?

Which of the following will increase your site's performance & ability to scale?

Your odds of winning are determined by the percentage of questions answered correctly relative to the total number of correct answers from all entrants. The winner will be chosen on May 6, 2010 at 11:59pm EST. If you include feedback with your entry then you agree to allow Vork to publish your feedback along with your name, title & company on the Vork web site and in Vork promotions. Schooner and/or Vork may email you in response to this contest. Your email address will never be publicly displayed or sold to any other companies.